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The Bible Open University-India International for the first time presents to mankind astounding information, more wondrous than the seven wonders, more informative than most modern sciences. This site takes you to hitherto unsolved unknown secrets of the universe unexplored by Galileo Galilee, facts about future of the world which could not be gazed by Nostradamus, unlit myriad hues to Thomas Alva Addison, Biology prior to the death of Charles Darwin, the communist manifesto copied by Karl Marx, Geo-Centric theory which was invalidated even before the birth of Nicholas Copernicus, the world's one and only cynosure website which has been able to counter the established opinion of Theists, Atheists, Rationalists and Scientist Universal, Simple & Informative Guide to the people of the fast-paced world of today that finds most of us scrambling to meet deadlines, handling perplexing decisions and confronting crisis and situations every single day.


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Our monthly magazine
"Bhu-talakrindhulu" now in Kannada.

For Telugu edition please write to
P.D. Sundar Rao,
# 49-35-26, N.G.G.O.S Colony,
Akkayapalem Post
Visakhapatnam - 530016

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The Annual Bible Research Seminar will be conducted at Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India between 7th January 2011 and 18th January 2011

National Seminar on 28th Jan,2011 will be organized by E. Rambabu in Greater Ongole

Timings : From morning 9 a.m

Place : Sri Balaji Tirupathi Rao Marriage Function Hall.

 South Bi-Pass Road, Ongole.

Special Lessons from 6.00p.m

Please Contact: 

Ongloe:9849449292, 9440616131

CheemaKurthi:9866878854, 9000627207

Darsi : 9848910340, 9912012518